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Empowering Women’s Health: International Women’s Day

8 March 2023, Gonikoppal : On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Lopamudra Hospitals organized a special event to celebrate women. The event was graced by three renowned women from the region, Dr. Gowramma Paruvangada, Consultant OBG at PNM hospitals, with five decades of practice in mother and child care, Dr. Fathima Kariappa, President of IMA Virajpet and Consultant OBG at Virajpet Nursing Home, and Mrs. Uzma Jabeen, Panchayat Development Officer, the youngest in the district of Kodagu.

The event was presided over by the Managing Directors, Capt. Madappa M. A. and Dr. Amrit Nanaiah M.M., a Consultant Physician at the Hospital. Dr. Soumya Ganesh Nanaiah the Director of the Lopamudra Drishti Eye Hospital, a Cataract and Refractive Surgeon was present. She also emceed the event. Dr. Sonia Mandappa, Consultant OBG, and Dr. Trupthi Uthappa, Consultant ENT, were also present.

Speaking of their varied experiences, the Chief Guests enlightened the gathering on a multitude of topics. Dr. Gowramma Paruvangada spoke about her long-standing commitment to serve women from rural parts of the country and her willingness to contribute more to the society at large. Dr. Fathima Kariappa reminisced about how the babies she helped deliver were today doctors at the very Lopamudra Hospitals. She also emphasized the importance of women empowerment in today’s society and the role of family as an institution. Mrs. Uzma Jabeen highlighted various government schemes available for women and how they could avail the benefits by contacting her.

The event was a sequel to  a ‘Women’s Health Camp’ that saw more than 100 women availing the benefits of a health package curated to check overall well-being of women.

On the event of International Women’s Day, the hospital unveiled its new logo and a toll-free number for quick response. The hospital can now be reached at 1800 8333653. They also inaugurated the B Scan recently installed at the eye hospital. The B Scan  is the first to be installed in Kodagu district. It can be used to assess the posterior segment of the eye in cases of media opacities and can be useful in cases of advanced cataracts

Dr. Ruth Adhlaka, a Consultant Physician at the hospital, gave the vote of thanks, acknowledging the importance of such events and the hospital’s commitment to serving and empowering women.

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