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Dr. Amrit Nanaiah’s CareLink

Dr. Amrit Nanaiah’s CareLink


Indulge in premium medical care services right from the comfort of your home with Dr. Amrit Nanaiah, an esteemed physician and diabetologist. Benefit from professional medical guidance and assistance through virtual consultations, assuring you of reliable health care.Your wellbeing, Our top priority!

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Amrit Nanaiah’s CareLink offers access to exceptional medical advice from the renowned consultant physician and diabetologist at Lopamudra Hospital, Dr. Amrit Nanaiah, MD (MED), F.DIAB (CMC Vellore).

Introducing Your Trusted Medical Advisor: Dr. Amrit Nanaiah, a renowned name in the medical profession, brings an array of expertise and experience to your doorstep virtually. Dr. Nanaiah is a trusted consultant for a range of medical issues owing to his internal medicine specialization and focus on diabetes care. He approaches each case with sensitivity and a strong dedication to improve patient care. He takes the time to understand your individual health needs.

Trustworthy Expertise: Dr. Nanaiah’s achievements and notable medical career speak for itself. He has a track record of successfully managing complex medical diseases, particularly diabetes, and is committed to providing the best care possible. Whether seeking guidance on chronic conditions or general well-being, Dr. Nanaiah has the ability to offer expert insights and solutions.

Improve Your Healthcare Experience with CareLink from Amrit Nanaiah Take an appointment with Dr. Nanaiah immediately to begin your journey towards better health under the direction of a renowned physician and diabetologist.
Nothing less than the best for your health!

Additional information


Our doctors are available in the evening hours, typically between 4 pm and 10 pm, though hours may vary.

Booking Slot

Users can reserve a 15-minute time slot, and the telemedicine call link will be shared with them via email or notification 4 hours before the scheduled call.

Accepted Payment Methods

Payment for bookings can be made online, either through pre-paid options or via bank transfer.

Contact Information

Feel free to reach out to us at our toll free number 1800 833 3653 or via email at [email protected] for any inquiries or assistance.


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